Sonja by Eric Burchett


Sonja watched the group sneak through the forest. They knew Ellezandra was in trouble, and they knew the great evil that they may need to confront. But they marched in anyway, led by Ahdio Vis.

Earlier that week, she had misled him. Ahdio asked if he had the ability to use the Force, and she’d said no. Which was true, from a certain point of view. He had no abilities at the present, but would learn them soon enough.

There was much more she could have said. She could have mentioned that his father, Archilocus Vis, was a Dark Jedi, killed by a group of Jedi including Ellezandra’s mother, Mysta. Sonja could have said that she had trained both Mysta and the Bacall, that they were peers at the Jedi Academy. Sonja could have told Ahdio that this battle between Sith and Jedi went back farther than he realized, and was much more personal than he could comprehend.

Sonja could have told Ahdio that he and Ellie’s children would be members of the next generation of Jedi Knights… but even that wasn’t for certain… the future is always in motion. It didn’t really matter, anyway. Ahdio would never believe her, and the events of the past and future were only secondary to the current task: rescue Ellezandra.

Sonja took her own path toward the compound, coming in from the North next to the lake. She felt Bacall’s presence. At first he was trying to find Ahdio and his group, but Sonja let the Force flow through her… like only a Jedi Master could. That got Bacall’s attention.

But only for a second. Alarms started going off in nearby buildings, and compound members began scurrying toward transports, appearently in a mass exodus. Sonja felt the fear in them, and soon realized why. Even before she noticed the Star Destroyer coming into orbit over Helska 4, she felt the dark presence of Darth Vader. Bacall must have gotten the attention of the Emperor, and now Vader was here to quickly silence Bacall’s non-sanctioned Dark Force activities.

Which meant Sonja didn’t have much time. She sprinted around to the other side of the lake, guided by Bacall’s Force essence. Three meters from a small dock, he came around the corner of a building, his lightsaber already lit.

“I thought you were dead, Sonja. And I can see why… you look so old.”

“No time for playful banter, Bacall,” she said, igniting her own lightsaber with a snap-hiss of the blade. “I don’t plan on being here when Vader shows up.”

“I don’t plan on you being anywhere after this fight-“

He made up the ten-meter distance between them in a fraction of a second, and Sonja instantly wished she had kept up with her lightsaber training. She parried, mostly, defending herself while waiting for the moment to strike. Blades whirling and cloaks flapping in the wind, the battle took them onto the surface of the lake itself, the combatants using the Force to both keep them afloat and guide their lightsabers. She wasn’t sure how long she could keep up the energy and concentration…

The Force gave her the answer. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw the small band of friends entering a hatch that led underground. They would find Ellezandra, and Ahdio would give her the lightsaber with which she would train. They would escape the planet, staying far away from Vader. They would be the next generation, and their children the next after that. It was out of Sonja’s hands now… almost. She may be needed to guide them, if the chain was broken. Were something to happen to Ellezandra or Ahdio- or to Luke Skywalker, who would train the next generation? Sonja knew what she had to do, and the Force was waiting for her. Bacall took a mighty swing at her head, and Sonja did not raise her blade to block.

Her body instantly vanished. The robes and tunic floated on top of the water for a few moments, rocking gently with the waves the combat had caused. The lightsaber quickly sank to the bottom of the lake.

Sonja, in her new form, sat on the bank, truly understanding what it meant to be one with the Force. And she liked how it felt. And she thought she could sit on this bank for quite a long time, waiting for the next generation to arrive.

Sonja by Eric Burchett

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