Short, pink-haired girl with a hell of a right-hook.


Essillee “Ess” Duneblazer was raised the daughter of Miv Duneblazer and Dirk Bonds, both staff members at the municipal water treatment plant on Coruscant. Until she was eight years-old, Ess lived on Coruscant with her folks, spending the majority of her time in the water treatments plant’s company daycare where she met her friend Rowan.

When Ess was eight, however, her world was shaken when Mon Mothma was assassinated by a bombing during a routine meeting with Dirk Bonds, the director of water treatment on Coruscant. After a tumultuous time dealing with her father’s funeral and her own grief, Ess was sent to live on Kalda with friends of her parents, Queen Kali and her husband, the Duke of Kalda who Ess’ parents lovingly referred to as “Boomer.” Ess’ time at the palace was not all liesure time, however. She was there to train to be a bodyguard to the future queen, Cervilia. Under the watchful eye of her fight master, Dahlim, Ess grew to be a very able fighter and bodyguard, although she had a rambunctious side that would occasionally borrow a speeder from the palace motor-pool without permission with her friend Barthos O’Keefe Parker.

It was at the palace where Ess met some of the people that she would later join as crew of the Moonshadow: Maxis Vis, Barthos and her old friend Rowan who visited the palace fairly regularly.


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